The foundation of the House of Family (“Haus der Familie”) in Kelmis was driven by a strong desire to address all generations and all types of family – whether socially isolated, patchwork, single parents, with grandparents or without. The aim is to create a meeting point for families, offering easily accessible advice and to unite as many facilities as possible under one roof.

Since 2008 the House of Family is one of the social meeting places of the German-speaking Community (“DG”). Our house is located in the Patronagestrasse, in the former JAZ building. With a lot of attention to detail this building has been turned into a friendly, bright place where a large variety of activities take place that literally bring the House of Family to life.

One of these life-bringing activities is childcare. Parents can spend some quality time with their kids in the “parent-child-meeting place” (“Eltern-Kind-Treff”). There, both parents and children can profit from each other. Further, parents can register their children in the daycare center.

It is important to us to provide a safe framework with familiar processes for all children who attend our offers so that they can settle in quickly and feel comfortable right away. We receive positive feedback from the kindergartens’ staff. They notice a clear difference between former children of the House of Family who are already used to the daily routine of children’s groups and those who have kindergarten as the very first experience with that.

Aside from childcare, the House of Family offers various courses. There are always new offers, depending on the needs. To provide all of this, the house mainly works with volunteers. There are currently around 30 volunteers involved in our groups.

Anyway, there is always something going on around here. So, if you want to find out more about us, just drop by.